Installing Qtopia on an iPAQ

The best way to setup Familiar Linux on your iPAQ is to bootstrap the minimal setup, then install additional packages directly from the Internet. If you wish to do this, follow the instructions below.

If however, you only have a serial connection to your iPAQ, read the Serial Install HOWTO.

If you want to use the Intimate distribution rather than the Familiar distribution, this other page is probably more useful to you.

NOTE:If you have installed an earlier version of Qtopia on your iPAQ, you may need to explicitly remove some files, since some versions of ipkg do not remove old files when upgrading. You should terminate Qtopia and then in a console run "ipkg remove qt-embedded", "ipkg remove qpe-base", and "ipkg remove qpe-pics" prior to re-installing them. Finally, just "ipkg upgrade" and you should get upgrades of everything you had installed.

Installing on an iPAQ with Internet access

Your iPAQ now runs a minimal Qtopia. In the "Settings" tab (the little wrench icon near the top of the screen), you will find "Add/Remove software". If you already have a lot of software on your iPAQ (eg. X11, GTk libraries, etc.), you may need to remove some before adding more Qtopia software. Note that this program doesn't currently give very good feedback, so be patient...

In the Add/Remove Software program, you can remove installed software (those with a small blue bullet next to them) and install uninstalled software (those with an closed box next to them) by clicking on the icons; when you have selected the packages you want to add and remove, select the "OK" button in the top-righthand corner of the dialog.

The "Size" field shows the uncompressed size of the packages you are installing. They'll actually take up less space than that. But use the System Information application (from the qpe-sysinfo package) to keep an eye on the available storage space remaining.

Note that you can still install and upgrade packages from the Familiar distribution - just select the Familiar server in the settings dialog of the Add/Remove Software program. Note that although you cannot run X11 and Qtopia at the same time, you can (space permitting) have both installed. The links in the system's /etc/rc2.d directory determine which is run.

If you want to use the Terminal, you should probably install the bash package, since the Terminal and ash don't seem to like each other.